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Habits Don't Lie! ~ 7 Habits To Overcome Obstacles To Win

Your Habits Will Determine Your Level of Success.


The Habit Effect ~ Your Live Your Money

An Inspiration to Financial Stability it here.

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The Habit Effect

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The Habit Effect ~ Your Life, Your Money was written with an INSPIRATION to financial stability in mind, in which we all deserve. The information in this book is FANTASTIC for a high school, college student or individual looking for tips on money management as they transition to the next level in life. It is LOADED with financial literacy tips on a money flow plan, saving, a budget, spending wisely, a demand for good credit, loan responsibility, retirement planning and protecting what you have earned.   Also USEFUL for identifying some important factors in starting and running a successful business. (180 pages)


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Habits Don't Lie! ~ 7 Habits to Overcome Obstacles to Win is about how ordinary people can use certain habits to become extraordinary by overcoming obstacles for a breakthrough.  The author  uses his authentic voice to give thought-provoking, and motivational support to his readers. His ability to overcome a bi-polar and depression disorder with habits uniquely qualifies him to provide creative solutions to overcome obstacles in many areas. (200 pages)

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