Speaking Topics


Habits Don't Lie!:

Learn how to overcome obstacles to win with faith, authenticity, success, money, and good health. 

Just "Win:

Passion, Purpose and Accountability.  Leadership starts within and having participants learn how to identify key values to stimulate, motivate and create and everlasting  winning spirit. 

The Habit Effect:

Your Life, Your Money.  Get action steps to understand or improve your Financial Literacy knowledge to gain financial stability. 

Credit, Deal or No Deal:

Review It, Fix It, and Protect It.  Demanding good credit is essential for a great financial health. 

Follow Success, It' Your Business:

Get started, build and grow your business with good relationships, a strong foundation, and the necessary business fundamentals. 

Keep It, It's Yours:

Learn to combat and minimize your financial risks. Avoid penalties, fees, or becoming a victim to any fraud or cyber-scam to your business or personal investment. 

Design a Coaching Program

Overcome Obstacles With Habits

Start or Improve Your Business Performance

Increase Your "FLO"


Participants will learn how to overcome and deal with obstacles with action steps.  The  focused on  passion, purpose, and accountability  will come with a journey that will help clients to gain clarity, generate energy and create some purposeful and life-changing habits to: 

  1. Visualize Faith
  2. Be Real
  3. Target Success
  4. Know Money
  5. Live Health
  6. Just Win
  7. Thin Repeat

Increase Your "FLO"

Start or Improve Your Business Performance

Increase Your "FLO"

Financial Literacy Ownership ("FLO") is necessary have for development, stability and growth.  College Students, Entrepreneurs and Organizations  will learn or revisit Financial Literacy: 

  1. Focus On Understanding
  2. Transform from bad habits to good money management habits
  3. Design a "Money Flow" Plan   
  4. Build Streams of Income
  5. Demand Good Credit
  6. Avoid aggressive Fraud, Scams, and Cyber-Attacks  with a prevention plan

Start or Improve Your Business Performance

Start or Improve Your Business Performance

Start or Improve Your Business Performance


Learn and build action steps with habits to fine-tune your business and business plans and obligations. Monitor and adjust your budgets, spending plan, and business capital. Gain a consistent use of habits for timely financials and financial obligations:

  1. Decision and Directions
  2. Business Incentives
  3. Business Structure
  4. Business Obligations
  5. Accountability