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 Katina Hogan

Corporate Trainer 

I just wanted to give a shout out to Michael Wynn because “wow”, I just got his message and he is on fire. I definitely recommend him if you are seeking any help with overcoming your obstacles for your business and there are so many areas that he’ll be able to help me”



Stratford Johnson

Senior State Auditor

“Mr. Wynn, I had an opportunity to attend a seminar sponsored by the Michigan Chapter of the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators where you were a featured presenter. I would like to thank you for sharing your expertise on Identity Theft. I found the information to be useful both in my personal and professional life. I also, enjoyed your presentation of the information, which was informative, interesting and entertaining.”


  Martha G. Scott

Wayne County Commissioner

“Highland Park residents will benefit greatly from Michael Wynn’s unique and exciting way of presenting such critical topics as ‘Credit Traps’ and ‘Identity Theft’ during Money Smart Week.”





Your Life, Your Money

Your Life, Your Money

Your Life, Your Money



Excellent book! I recommend this book to any and all ages as it can help improve the lives of many. Before reading The Habit Effect by Michael Wynn, I never really put too much thought into how habits form. Turns out there’s a method/ process that must take place in order to successfully create and keep good habits to help better your life. As a college student, having good habits, not just study habits, but multi-tasking ones is crucial for survival. Financial literacy was something that I have struggled with in the past. I enjoyed how the book went over the steps on how to overcome the obstacles when it comes to financial stability. The steps were realistic and tips such as setting boundaries and creating reasonable rules for my finances are just some of the helpful tips I have learned from The Habit Effect. After reading this beneficial piece of literature, I feel like I can confidently make some positive changes to my routine for school, my finances, and everyday life. 

~Brianna Holloway, Wayne State University, Sociology 

Your Life, Your Money

Your Life, Your Money



Mike Wynn has always been an energetic  impressive individual that has been involved in some powerful projects in the inner city with me.  His incredible background and wealth of knowledge helped individuals many times throughout the metropolitan  area, for which I am most grateful. 

~ Lois Gibbons, Former Financial Literacy Director, Accounting Aid Society

Habits Don't Lie

Your Life, Your Money

Habits Don't Lie



"In this masterpiece, Michael shares with us the missing link to enduring greatness - Responsibility. He has masterfully shown us in "Habits Don't Lie" that it's not enough to focus above the surface of the proverbial Iceberg (Skill, talent, education, etc.) but, with diamond-like characteristics has unveiled to us the habits that will point us to grit, resilience, responsibility, consistency, AND Trust while one is persistently under pressure. This is a definite MUST read for business and life"

- Dr Ray Charles, Best Selling Author, Enough IS Enough